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    Dear Calluna fans,
    This seedling catalogue is very special indeed. The catalogue itself, and indeed the many delightful varieties it contains, are testimony to our true love and passion for Calluna vulgaris, otherwise known as heathers. During long test phases, all new products are tested for resistance to disease, durability, luminosity, uniformity and a wide range of other quality characteristics. Our customers will recognise these characteristics from established varieties, and testing for them allows us to add to our long line of successes.

    Here, we present ten new varieties that will flower from late summer right into winter. "Sanne" for example, is an early highlight. It stands out thanks to its brilliant luminosity and strong, bushy buds. "Sissi" with its intense red colour, blooms right into winter, and is a jewel in our "Longlife" series. Our range includes eight other new varieties during their flowering season.

    Our 2012 "Skyline" range also includes two stunning new products: the "Sydney" - with yellow foliage - along with the green "Stockholm" variety. Both varieties are structural plants that have an intense foliage and thick, square-shaped shoots. Initial feedback from our customers shows that developments such as these not only increase the popularity of heathers, they promote their image as a modern lifestyle plant. This marks a success for growers, producers and customers alike. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that customers who buy our products enjoy them just as much as we do. Success and quality are supported by a seamless production process.


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